Services accessible

Our hotel is always close to our customers with special needs motor. The hotel has its own parking ramps and through easy slope you can easily reach the reception area, dining room, a bar, a breakfast terrace and wellness.

We have  in our hotel 2 rooms and 2 apartments suitable to accommodate people in wheelchairs. These rooms have spaces for maneuver sufficiently large and toilet facilities are available.

We invite you at the time of booking to check availability.

  • Parking with smooth flooring near entrance
  • Ramp and entrance door 98 cm wide with zero threshold
  • Elevator with entry of 80 cm and an internal dimension of 120x100 cm
  • Restaurant and breakfast room on the ground floor and terrace "Belvedere" accessible ramps and wide door over 100 cm
  • Tables with height 73 cm and central leg
  • Ramp access to the beach

We will reserve a place for umbrella next to the beach and close to amenities. For your access to the sea we are equipped with chair Job. You will be given all the assistance and attention by our lifeguards.